5 Best Fishing Trips For Your Bucket List

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When you hear the word fishing and your blood pumps up, then it means you are a fan of fishing. Everyone has a special place where they go fishing to catch a big haul. For some people, it is an experience, which helps them to calm down while others try to catch big fish or some rare fish.

There various things that a person can learn when they go on a fishing trip. If you also want to experience the real thrill of fishing, then you should consider going to some of the places mentioned in this list. These places should be on your bucket list as they will genuinely help you to enjoy a pleasant time as you fishing trips.

5 Best Fishing Trips For Your Bucket List

Best Fishing Trips: 1) Blue Marlin In Kona, Hawaii

If you want to go on a fishing adventure where you can battle with the deep-sea monster, then blue Marlin in Kona, Hawaii is the perfect place for you. There are various destinations at this place where you can catch a lot of fishes. One of the best things about this place is that the water is close to the shore, which means that you can go fishing at any time of the year, but summer is still the most popular season of the year.

2) Blue Cats Of Virginia 

if you are going fishing in Virginia, what does then there are chances that you can catch a fish above 100 lbs. The 50 pounds fish are quite reasonable at this place, so if you never had a chance of finding a fish that big, then you should visit this place. The excitement of fishing at this place will be quite high.  

3) Bonefish At St. Brandon’s

This place is one of the most challenging areas to visit, which you can locate on the coast of East Africa, but according to some experienced anglers, it is one of the best places to catch bonefish. If you are going to this place, then you have to travel for about 24 hours, and the journey will not be a comfortable one. 

5 Best Fishing Trips For Your Bucket List
5 Best Fishing Trips For Your Bucket List

Best Fishing Trips: Giant Bluefin Tuna Off The Outer Banks

If you heard someone saying to catch a 300-pound fish, then you already know that it is not going to be easy. If you are fishing at Outer Banks, then you need to be careful while fishing. It would be best if you remained cautious when fishing as it is quite a preferable option during summer and winter. 

5) Ice Fishing At Mille Lacs Lake

The Mille Lacs Lake is quite famous, and you can go fishing during the winter, even when the water is frozen. Walleye is the most popular attraction of this place, and if you want to experience something unique, then this place is ideal for you.

If you love fishing, then these are a must-visit place for you. You can go fishing in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, where you can fish for monster mako sharks. The people who love to go on an adventure should consider visiting all these places.

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