A Guide To Melnichenko Yacht: The Super Yacht

A Guide To Melnichenko Yacht: The Super Yacht

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The story behind the superyacht A revolves around the sailors thus building quite a number curious suggestion regarding the subject. I am here with a guide to know in brief about, Melnichenko yacht that goes by the name superyacht A. Besides being provocative and stealthy in nature it is a mysterious boat that is currently moving around in the ocean of the world.

This lovely, extravagant, luxurious boat belongs to the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. We might have come across the fact that Russian oligarch is pretty much filled with pretentious luxury. And this superyacht, however, proves the notion. Therefore, without any further ado, let us dig deep to learn about the yacht in brief.

A Guide To Melnichenko Yacht: The Super Yacht
A Guide To Melnichenko Yacht: The Super Yacht

Melnichenko Yacht Is A Solid Evidence Of Absolute Extravagance

The length of the vessel measures around 120 meters long, and it is built by the renowned Phillipe Starck and Bohm &  Voss in Keil which is in Germany at the HDW shipyard. Although it was in the year 2004, launching it four years later. And with the launching of this super luxurious vessel people came to know about its delicate yet majestic feature to drool.

Both the aesthetics and mechanics got the elegant and extravagant features to witness. Well, around 14 guests can comfortably have a delightful occasion on the boat. Additionally, loading with sumptuous suite arrangement for 6 guests which offers large space for carrying around 37 crew members. Therefore, there is ample space to enjoy a relaxing vacation for the ones on board.

Furthermore, the 6 suits get movable walls which one can interchange and transform them into 4 massive staterooms. Additionally, the featured mechanical king size bed is able to move in any direction thus ensuring a great view to the users.

The Boat Works On  Keeping The Travellers Safe

The exterior of A is pretty rounded thus, making it avoid unwanted obstruction on its way of navigation. Additionally, the motion detection system fixed in the vessel along with 40 security cameras is hard shell security features that A has. Besides decking it up with such robust security projects, the windows of the vessel are bombproof. Additionally few areas such as the master suite come with a biometric fingerprint scanner. Furthermore, if everything fails to offer guest safety, the onboard helipad is designed to rescue everyone.

More In This Regard

Besides offering utmost comforts and a sense of upmarket to the guest, it also offers travelers with an extravagant luxurious touch. How so? The decor and furnishing are excellent. There are baccarat crystal tables that are edged by alligator skin chairs. Additionally, the bath taps cost around US$40,000. Furthermore, the wall is astoundingly featured with leather paneling and stitched by hand in a few of the areas. Well in some areas guests may also find white stingray skin. Additionally, there are three swimming pools while one swimming pool comes with a glass bottom.

A Guide To Melnichenko Yacht: The Super Yacht
A Guide To Melnichenko Yacht: The Super Yacht


The Russian billionaire Andray Melnichenko once got listed under the 40 billionaire club is a Russian oligarch. He started his empire under the financial sector notably a bank thus founded the MDM bank. After making a remarkable presence in the financial platform, he tried his hands in the steel pipe market which was before he stepped inside the mining and industrial assets. Well, he has lots to mention that is pretty much impossible, to sum up in this concluding part of the article. However, we can at least thank him for gifting the audience with the mesmerizing Superyacht A.

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