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Tall ships, or sailing vessels with multiple masts and square sails on all of them, have been around for centuries. They were involved in commerce and exploration in the past, and are still used today for tourism and sailboat races. There is a wide variety of tall ships to choose from for your next adventure at sea.

History of tall ships:

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The history of tall ships goes back to the Age of Discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries. These ships were used by European nations to explore and colonize new lands. The most famous tall ship from this era is the Spanish galleon, which was used for long voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

Uses of tall ships:

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Tall ships continued to be used for:

1-  Commerce, transporting goods such as lumber and grain to far-away ports.

2- Exploration, for circumnavigating the globe and discovering new lands.

3- Tourism provides unique experiences for people who want to sail on the open ocean.

Today, tall ships are still used in races like America’s Cup and Clipper Round the World Race. They are also popular for charter trips and cruises.

There is a wide variety of tall ships to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your next adventure at sea.

Some of the best tall ships include:

1- The Royal Clipper:

This five-masted beauty was built in 2000 and is one of the largest tall ships in the world. It offers luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and opportunities to sail in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

2- The Cisne Branco:

This tall Brazilian ship has been sailing around South America since 1987, offering tourists a unique chance to explore the continent from the sea. With its white sails, intricate rigging, and detailed wooden hull, this ship is a true beauty on the water.

3- The Madeline:

This modern sailing yacht is a great choice for anyone who wants to experience tall ship sailing without all of the traditional trappings. With comfortable cabins and an onboard spa, the Madeline is perfect for a relaxing cruise.

4- The Star Flier:

This four-masted tall ship is one of the fastest sailing vessels in the world and offers an exhilarating sailing experience for adventure seekers. If you’re looking for excitement on your next tall ship voyage, the Star Flier is a perfect choice.

5-  The Adventuress:

This schooner is a replica of a turn-of-the-century tall ship and offers a taste of what sailing was like in the golden age of sail. With its beautiful lines and classic design, the Adventuress is sure to please anyone who loves tall ships.

6-  The Sea Cloud II:

This luxurious cruise ship has all the modern amenities you would expect but also features beautiful traditional details like hand-carved woodwork and intricate rigging. If you’re looking for a tall ship experience that combines the best of both worlds, the Sea Cloud II is a great choice.

7- The Spirit of New Zealand:

This ship is a modern sailing yacht that was built in New Zealand specifically for tall ship cruises. With its large sails and contemporary design, the Spirit of New Zealand is a stunning sight on the water.

8- Lord Nelson:

This tall ship is a replica of an 18th-century sailing vessel and offers a unique glimpse into the history of tall ships. With its beautiful lines, classic design, and exciting sailing trips, Lord Nelson is a perfect choice for anyone who loves tall ship adventures.

9-  The Eye of the Wind:

This modern sailing yacht is an impressive sight on the water, with its sleek lines and striking black sails. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing cruise or an exciting race, the Eye of the Wind has everything you need for your next tall ship adventure.

10-  The Royal Albatross:

This beautiful tall ship is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the luxury of sailing. With its spacious cabins, fine dining, and an impressive array of amenities, the Royal Albatross offers a truly luxurious tall ship experience.

No matter what your sailing dreams are, there’s a tall ship out there that’s perfect for you. So start planning your next adventure at sea today!


Looking for an exciting and unique adventure at sea? Then consider booking a trip on one of the many beautiful tall ships that are available today. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious cruise or an exhilarating race, there is sure to be a tall ship that’s perfect for your next adventure.

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