boat safety tips - important tips you need to keep in mind

Top 10 Most Important Boat Safety Tips

boat safety

Love sailing? Sailing in a boat gives you one of the greatest pleasures in life. But when you sail, you need to keep in mind certain boat safety tips, especially if you are a beginner. Here are some boat safety tips that you must keep in mind for the safety of your boat and yourself too.

boat safety tips
Boat Safety Tips

Boat Safety Tips

Safety kit

You should always have a boat safety kit with you in case of an emergency. This kit should include a flashlight, duct tape in case of leaks, bucket in bail out water in case of water accumulation, a first-aid kit in case of a medical emergency, whistle to shout out for help, ropes to attach yourself to another boat in case of an emergency, mirror to flash reflective objects as a signal for help, garbage bags to be used as rain ponchos or protective gear for other items on the boat, fire extinguisher, and life jackets.

Proper Life Jackets

This is an essential boat safety gear that you cannot set sailing without. Proper life jackets help you stay afloat and many are designed to prevent hypothermia. It is necessary that you carry a U.S Coast Guard-approved life jacket in your boat as they are quality checked and designed as per the industry norms. If you have children sailing, ensure that they wear lifejackets all the time. You must choose a life jacket that is right for your hair and weight.

Check the Weather Predictions Beforehand

Before you set sailing, it is important that you check the weather updates, as you might get stuck in a wild sea storm. Sea storms are quite unpredictable and also very tough. It might get very tough to maneuver your boat in case you get stuck in a storm. In the event that your boat capsizes, you should have another plan in hand to save yourself and the others.

Do not Overload the Boat with Equipment

Always keep only that equipment in your boat that is very essential. Each boat has a specific capacity of weight that it can tolerate. Do not exceed that limit.

safety tips for boats
Safety tips for Boats

Check your boat for harmful fumes

Even if your boat seems in perfect condition, there might be a gas leak which may go unnoticed until you reach the deep sea. Before you sail, you must always check for such fumes to avoid any danger. If you smell some gas, do not start your engine as it may catch fire.

Follow proper anchoring and docking procedures

An important boat safety tip is to anchor and dock your boat properly. Only using the right anchor is not enough. You need to know the basic anchoring steps properly such as dropping two anchors in a V-formation at the front of the boat. You will also need to drop your anchor around 20 to 30 ft deep into the water to prevent it from being lifted by the tide. Just like anchoring, you need to follow proper docking procedures too.

Take a boating safety course

You may have learned boating by observing someone close to you. But before you sail your own boat, it is always important to take a boating safety course. Around 70% of accidents are caused due to operator error. After you are certified by a certified institution, you get the basic training and know-how to protect your boat, sail safely, and also save others’ lives in case of an emergency.

These are some of the important boat safety tips you must adhere to before you set sail in a boat.

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