Components of a cruising yacht

A large ship in the water

Cruising yacht is a large yacht with sleeping, cooking, and sanitary facilities for spending nights on board. The yacht can be used as permanent or temporary accommodation.

Cruising yachts (type “C”) can be:

A small boat in a large body of water
  • 1 st category (more than 7 meters in length)
  • 2 nd category (6 m and less)
  • 3 rd category (for racing).

How is a cruising yacht different from a day yacht?

A boat is docked next to a body of water

Day yachts are usually smaller, with fewer volume beds. Depending on the type of usage, the yacht is equipped with a different set of tools. For example, the most widespread are vessels for sailing, motorboats, and paddle steamers. To make a distinction between these types of ships they are divided into categories C1, C2, and C3, where “C” means cruising yacht.

What are the main components of a cruising yacht?

Cruising yachts are distinguished by a significant volume bed which is located in the concentrated form at the rear part of the ship. The yacht is a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable seating area, several bathrooms complete with shower cabins. All this forms a compact whole that allows living on board in comfort and luxury.

The decor of the yacht is an integral part of its exterior design. The interior of cruising yachts is luxurious, with bright colors and rich furnishings, made possible by high ceiling height (over 2 meters). The most spacious yachts can accommodate up to 60 people with places in the dining room.

Who is the main customer for cruising yachts?

Cruising yachts are popular not only among owners of individual companies but also among representatives of small and medium businesses. They use this type of vessel more often than any other type of recreational activities for recreation.

When buying a yacht the owner is interested in its ability to carry out his own repairs, as well as to ensure proper operation and care for it. The high comfort level allows not only to live onboard during the trip but also to use the ship as an office, conference hall, or even living room.

GOLDEN Yachts is a leading yacht agency that specializes in the sale of new and used yachts. The company provides a wide range of services for customers: from design and construction of new ships to services for owners, as well as training courses for sailors.

What are the benefits of cruising a yacht?

In built-in equipment of the cruising yacht is almost always included air conditioning, a water supply system, an oven, and a fridge. A spacious hall can accommodate a large number of people not only for a meal but also to hold corporate events, receptions, or any other celebration. To improve communication onboard communication systems are installed with high-speed Internet access and satellite connection. Large-sized ships can be equipped with a hydromassage pool, spa center, and beauty salon.

What are the disadvantages of cruising a yacht?

The main disadvantage of a yacht is its price. Many companies and individuals can not afford such an expensive acquisition, therefore they prefer to buy and use smaller and cheaper vessels for recreation. It should be remembered that the cost of the ship includes not only its purchase price but also annual maintenance, as well as docking fees.

Yacht category C2 is more often than others because it has the most optimal cost-effective size. Often these vessels are rented for commercial events.

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