Get This Incredible Product For Both Measuring and Straightening Misaligned Derailleur Hangers! Check This Out!

To every bike lover, the best part is to keep their bikes spiked and without any problems. Many tools are must-haves for bikers to keep their bikes in full working conditions. One of the problems handled by riders is derailleur hanger issues. It’s all too common to just tolerate inferior shifting performance. But if your drivetrain occasionally skips, mis-shifts, grinds, or binds, then it can surely be better. The riders generally face issues and in times no mechanics available, the work needs to be done by own. In case, this product can be best of use and carry up in your toolbox to avoid problematic situations like these. Here is everything you should know about it. 

Hanger Alignment Gauge For Professional Repair Measuring Tool

The hanger alignment gauge professional repair measuring tool is very steady in operation and use. The Hanger Alignment Gauge can help solve problems like the multitude of derailleur shifting problems, most notably with index shifting systems which are very common sites faced by bikers. The product is more convenient, less weighted, and gives telescopic measurements. It is also used in correcting the rear lifting lug and also helpful in checking the transmission shifting problems with accuracy. And with ease of getting immediate results after positioning the shifting systems and the bracket is retractable and free to adjust the length. The quality material used in making the tool is aluminum which is treated in certain heat to make it strong and harden.

Let us know more about the Hanger Alignment Gauge For Professional Repair Measuring Tool.


  • Material Type Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black / Red (optional)
  • Length: Approx. 265 – 396mm / 10.4 – 15.6in
  • Weight: Approx. 393g / 13.9oz
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Following are the benefits of having a hanger alignment for use are as follows.

  • The main body of material is made up of stainless steel and can feature a high-temperature resistance of about 800 degrees.
  • The product is strong and durable and a hard fight in case of working.
  • The product is updated with high tolerances for improved accuracy.
  • The tool can be easily carried as it saves both space and is less in weight.
  • The product is designed keeping in mind both style and work.
  • The product is made to provide high-quality tools.
  • The material used in making the tool is of excellent quality and made of aluminum and hardened one, which is done with the treatment of heat.


  • The product relatively does not have any harmful effects but yes one should better know well how to use the product.


This excellent product can be the best gift to bikers. As the product is light weighted and easy to store due to foldability it can be carried easily in case of use. This tool is very simple to use for derailleur hanger issues. This tool is build to professionally solve the issue caused by bad alignments.

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