The Best Places For Parasailing -

The Best Places For Parasailing

Parasailing's Sites In India: Best Ones

Parasailing’s is for individual satisfaction and adventure. A group of youngsters can go and enjoy this fun ride in various places around the world. Moreover travelling to new lands, trekking, etc. all these are exhilarating, but Parasailing in the rivers and mountain streams is rejuvenating. Thus tranquil water, vast sky, and natural beauty, all these are needed to relax in this chaotic world. Therefore many youngsters, along with their group, do visit places famous for Parasailing. Some prefer adventurous trips, and some prefer soothing ones. Moreover, in Para Sailing, the person is connected with a sort of parachute and towed to the boat. This parachute-like structure is the par sailing wing. Moreover, for the person’s safety, a harness is present in this ride. The person gets in the air and can sense the feeling of flight. One or two riders can take part in a single trip. India has many sites which offer Parasailing’s.

Parasailing's Sites In India: Best Ones
Parasailing’s Sites In India: Best Ones

Before planning your next trip, learn the Parasailing’s places in India. This is a must-try for the youngsters to acquire a lifetime experience. The famous spots are:

Parasailing’s At Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has many professional parasailing sites. Both starters and experts can enjoy the sport in these sites. Moreover, Himachal Pradesh is the most preferred spot in India for Parasailing. Various national and international parasailing events get organized here. Moreover, the mesmerizing natural scenario intensifies the adventure ride. People prefer to visit this site from March to October. As during winter months, the severe cold will kill the fun. Kullu, Manali, Lahaul Spiti, etc. are the most significant parasailing sites in Himachal Pradesh.

Parasailing’s At Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a state of mountains and streams. The intensified greenery and snow makes it a perfect destination for adventures. There are various professional parasailing sites in Uttarakhand. Moreover, May to November is the peak season for the people interested in this ride. Naukuchiatal, Doon Valley, Auli are the most significant parasailing sites in Uttarakhand.

Parasailing's Sites In India: Best Ones
Parasailing’s Sites In India: Best Ones


Parasailing in Rajasthan is an unconventional choice. But don’t underestimate the fun out here. Flying over the blue surface is common, but trying the same on a yellow surface is much more fun. The dunes, camel safaris, forts at Rajasthan- all these views intensify the ride. Moreover, Rajasthan never fails to surprise its visitors. The opportunity of Parasailing is unique in barren deserts of Rajasthan. Thus you should give it a try. Moreover, September to April is the peak season to avoid the harsh summer days. Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, etc. are the most significant parasailing sites in Rajasthan.


Maharashtra is a land that offers hills, sea, islands, waterfalls, greeneries, etc. Thus it is a Nature’s Hub. Parasailing in this beautiful land is a great act. The scenic surroundings are a must-watch for the visitors. Therefore plan with your friends and enjoy the fun. Moreover, October to May is the peak season to try this ride. Matheran, Kamshet, Goa, Powai, Mahabaleshwar, etc. are the most significant parasailing sites in Maharashtra.

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